WCEAM 2014

9th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management – WCEAM 2014

CSIR ICC 28-31 Oct 2014 Pretoria South Africa

Towards Engineering Asset Management Body of Knowledge and Standards

Engineering asset management encompasses all types of assets including built environment infrastructure, plant, equipment, hardware systems and components. Delegates from many parts of the world will gather to discuss private industry business concerns and issues, public sector investment and service delivery imperatives, plus useful academic research on a wide range of Engineering Asset Management topics including investment and divestment strategies, operations and maintenance, condition and risk assessment, technologies and systems, standards, education, training and certification. Attendance to the tutorials, paper presentations, case study seminars and workshops, plus participation in the panel discussions may be claimed for continuing professional development credits.

Final Program available for download. Click 9th WCEAM Schedule of Presentations

 Tracks & Topics

The theme for 9th WCEAM 2014 is arranged into the following tracks and topics:.



EAM Strategies Investment–        asset acquisition planning–        asset funding and financing options–        valuation of assets–        private-public partnership arrangements–        private-private partnership arrangements–        servitization of engineering assets

–        outsourcing

–        custodianship, ownership and stewardship

Operations and Maintenance Strategies

–        utilisation, demand loading and forecasting

–        operational planning and scheduling

–        maintenance planning, scheduling, and work execution

Divestment & sustainability

–        divestment options

–        ecological footprint

Condition, Risk & Vulnerability Operability, maintainability, reliability and availabilityCondition, risk and vulnerability assessmentsDiagnostics and failure mechanismsPrognostics and remaining life predictionLife-cycle decisions–        replacement–        refurbishment

–        renewal

–        upgrade, etc

EAM Data & Knowledge Asset register and dataInformation and knowledge managementAsset performance indicatorsEAM performance measurement
EAM Technologies & Systems ICT, ERP, knowledge management & project information systems;Operational & safeguarding systems;Interchangeability & interoperability;Data & information integration;Supply chain & logistics support
EAM Education & Training Educational and training programmes;Qualifications and certification;Human dimensions and capacity building
EAM Standards & Guidelines IEC 603xx Dependability series;ISO 55000;MIMOSA;POSC-CEASER;Engineering design & technical;Operating, accounting and financial,Legal & legislative frameworks;

National/local guidelines

Private & Public Industry Case Studies AgricultureAutomotive,Energy,General services,Infrastructure,Manufacturing,Mining,

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production,

Processing & Refining,