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Registration, Copyright assignment and Consent to publish

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 Paper Submission Guidelines

9th WCEAM 2014 Paper Categories

All papers submitted will be reviewed

Category A

Category B

Category C


8 – 12 pages

7 – 10 pages

5 – 7 pages

in abstracts book




formatting instructions




for WCEAM proceedings



assess for best paper award


must demonstrate

“innovative”, academic rigour, practical relevance

academic rigour, practical relevance practitioner case study


Category A – content guidelines

Category B – content guidelines

Category C – content guidelines

Empirical research that describes in reasonable detail :

  1. the research problem and the paper focus;
  2. current understanding of the problem and extensive review of pertinent literature;
  3. main research question and research method applied;
  4. research findings, results and limitations;
  5. contribution to current understanding; and
  6. practical relevance of the research work.
Substantial case study/studies of significant business practice and/or practical insight based on scientific research methodology that describes

  1.   the background to the problem
  2.   literature concerning previous knowledge about the problem
  3.   how the problem was tackled
  4.   What new insight was gained by tackling the problem
  5.   specific contribution to practice

Please prepare your paper in accordance with the Springer template for MS Word. Click here to download.

Paper formatting instructions

Please prepare your paper in accordance with the Springer template for MS Word. See above.